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Watch our video to learn about Huggery! You can download the Marketplace, Business, and Driver App from iTunes or Google Play. Connect with us on social media and join the growing online community marketplace today!

Huggery is encouraging communities in the U.S. to plant more trees. Help the environment by starting in your own backyard.

Huggery Mobile Apps

Huggery is the only Nursery and Gardening Professional mobile app that supports local businesses and environmental initiatives all in one place. Huggery’s Marketplace App, Business App and its Driver App make it easier to bring nature to your own backyard.

One of our popular app features is the "Tree-R Tag". It acts as a global indexing and verification tool that provides an accurate count of all trees planted. Sharing Tree-R tags encourages more tree planting to improve the environment for future generations.

The Huggery Foundation will help support your local environment through volunteering and charity

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Discover garden professionals near you! Get trees & plants delivered into your yard on-demand. Support your local garden professionals and the environment.


Tree-R Tags Feature

Businesses can create Tree-R tags after planting a tree or after a completed landscape project by adding to the collective geo-tagged map. Then in the marketplace app, anyone can scan a code, comment on that tag and visit the business Huggery listing. We are excited to see your "Tree-R" codes hit the map to show off your work and to promote a greener Earth to live in!


Huggery and 1 Billion Trees

Huggery improves the environment by encouraging its members to put more trees and plants into the ground. Joining Huggery means that you're advocating for the environment and supporting your local GREEN businesses. Join us as we work towards planting 1 Billion trees.

With 85 million owner occupied homes in America, just adding 12 trees in each yard would add a billion new trees.

Find out what your Carbon Footprint is by using our Offset tool Click Here